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Choosing the Best Commercial Vehicle

If you have your own building, electrical or other trades business chances are you will have a ute or a truck. Your work vehicle is more than a means of transportation, it’s your livelihood. Commercial utes have the same function for the contractor that toolboxes have for the handyman—except they're much bigger.

Utes are are practical, heavy duty and can be fitted out with ute accessories that help owners to get the best out of their vehicle. Buying or fitting out your commercial ute will be one of your largest expenditures so to make sure you have the most fit for purpose truck you need to undertake some research, evaluation your options and choose carefully.

Some of the main things you need to think about before purchasing a work vehicle are:

What is the best ute for my needs?

What kind of environment will I be operating in and how many kms will I be covering on a regular basis?

What are my on road costs?

What are my long term maintenance costs including Warrant of Fitness, registration and taxes?   

It is also important to think of your work ute as a rolling advertising billboard so first impressions count! Make sure people remember your business with clear, professional signage on your ute. Imagine how many times your truck gets seen in a day and make the most of this ongoing free advertising opportunity!

Fuel economy is another consideration with more and more companies choosing to invest upgrading their vehicles handle alternative fuel sources. Saving money on fuel, as well as minimising your environmental impact, are important things to think about when purchasing a work vehicle.

The two most popular work vehicles in New Zealand are the Ute (or pickup truck) and Cab over engines. Standard utes come with a variety of safety features and accessories so they are a popular choice for small or single operator businesses. Utes can be customised with made for use fit outs that include ute canopies and accessories for ute storage in NZ like ute tool boxes. Camco is NZ’s number one commercial vehicle fit-out company. and they provide a wide range of accessories and add ons for both utes and other heavy duty vehicles. Visit their website, www.camcoindustries.co.nz, to get a free quote online.

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